Equine Expressions

handmade horsehair jewelry

                                          Welcome to Equine Expressions!

I specialize in many different types and styles of horsehair jewelry.  Send me your horse's hair and let me create a work of art!  Horsehair jewelry is a great way to remember a beloved horse you've lost, or to show off the one you have now!  Plus, it's unique and makes for a great conversation!  Don't have a horse?  No problem!  I have many different colors of horsehair in stock at all times.

All of the stock horsehair that I use comes from horses who are still alive.  I'm lucky enough to have horses in a variety of colors, as well as many friends who have generously allowed me to "borrow" some hair from their horses.  I never buy bulk horsehair from an unknown origin.    
I use sterling silver or gold filled end caps and clasps, and you can choose from several different styles.  I also have a variety of silver and gold tone end caps and clasps, which are perfect for those with a smaller budget.  You can also choose from many different braid types (4 or 6 strand round braids, 3, 5, 7, or 9 strand flat braids, 4, 6, or 8 strand woven braids) for your jewelry.

 I have many new ideas in the works, so please check back often!  Thanks for visiting!